and after …….

But tea gets pretty repetitive even for us tea-loving Brits. So for the next 7 days as the countdown to Christmas begins I’m going to practice my mixology skills and the Christmas Mocktail Bar will be open. Each night I will make a different mocktail, take a snap and share the recipe. Just because I […]


As a nurse I am very familiar with Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ 5 stages of grieving and Friday night really made me reflect on this and how I was going through a grieving process about alcohol.  It had been a part of my life for so long and now it wasn’t. The five stages are denial, […]

One day like this …..

Growing up we didn’t ‘do’ emotions in our house so they were denied or ignored and I grew up emotionally mute.  It was when I discovered music that I found a ‘voice’ for my emotions.  If I couldn’t express them I could always find a singer, band or DJ who could.  Like many others music […]

Relaxation space

Staying sober and resisting the urge to drink has been made easier for me by having space to relax and switch off the voice in my head.  For me that space exists when I run, when I soak in the bath and when I meditate.  The long baths at first were every other night but […]