Extra pennies for Christmas.

We’ve had a post-it note stuck on our fridge door since last Summer.  It reads ‘not drinking + smoking = £400 a month savings’.  That was 18 months ago and the price of both have increased quite considerably since then.

I’ve noticed that the bank account is looking more healthy and that there is more money available all round for Christmas, which is a pleasant surprise 🙂  So I decided to do another back of the fag packet calculation to try to work out how much we have saved since we stopped.

We used to drink at least a bottle a night between us and that would increase to two a night once we hit the week-end, and the rest – the beers and the ciders, the nights out, the increases around birthday’s, Christmas and New Year and holiday time.  Let’s say we drank 10 a week.

Like Lucy from Soberistas joked we couldn’t possibly have been alcoholics because we drank nice wines bought from nice shops.  No Tennants Super for us.  So we easily spent £60-100 pounds a week which works out at £400 a month.

So in the almost 3 months since we stopped we have saved £1200!! (and hellosundaymorning says that their bloggers save a similar amount if you check their site)

So if we abstain for the year that is a monumental £4800 in savings – enough for a very nice holiday instead 😉

Day 81.


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