At the end of last year I followed the excellent suggestion of Andrea Scher and found myself a gratitude buddy (  We have been exchanging our gratitude lists by email pretty much every day ever since.  It has been a lovely way to get to know better a great friend and I have really enjoyed the experience and am hoping she will be happy to continue this next year!

I wonder if this focusing on three things to express gratitude about on a daily basis has been part of the shift in my thinking that has led to me stopping drinking.  Brene Brown in her interview with Oprah, that I shared two days ago, says that people who feel joy express and experience gratitude consciously and actively.  It’s more than an attitude of gratitude.

Could this simple act have refocused my thinking sufficiently to think enough is enough on wine time?  If you are reading this and are considering stopping drinking, or are struggling to stay on the sober path, might this be something that would help you on your journey?  Would thinking about the things you are grateful for lead to feeling more positive which then prompts you to be kinder to yourself?  I have huge gratitude to Andrea and my friend Beccy and am learning to lean in to the joy that has been unleashed anew in sobriety.  Day 76 🙂


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