The scales don’t lie ….

Today I weighed myself and was amazed to see that I have lost 1/2 stone or 7lbs in weight.  This is since I stopped drinking and has been as a result of this and nothing else.

I haven’t increased the amount of exercise I’m doing – in fact I’ve cut down my running now it’s darker earlier, as I live in the middle of nowhere with no street lights, so can only run at week-ends.  I haven’t decreased the amount I’m eating or changed to a healthier diet – again in fact in the first 4-6 weeks I ate cake, sweets and chocolate like it was going out of fashion as I chased the sugar high I was no longer getting from booze.  All I have done is remove the alcohol.

So a quick back of a fag packet calculation would be:

1lb of fat contains roughly 4050 calories x 7lbs (lost) = 28350 calories (over 10 weeks) = 2835 less calories consumed a week

A bottle of dry wine is approximately 500 calories (2835 divided by 500 = 5.67) so I must have been drinking between 5-6 bottles a week to have lost that weight since I stopped.  And that’s minimum because I have no idea how many extra calories I was eating during those first few weeks of sugar craving ……

I have friends who joke that some of the cake that they eat is special as it has no calories – invisible calorie cake.  I must have been drinking more invisible calorie wine than I remember!! Day 74 and still on my pink cloud 🙂


One thought on “The scales don’t lie ….

  1. Whoop whoop!! Fun! So great when the weight drops off. I lost loads after a while of being sober.. then I got stressed with my MA writing and binged on sugar and put it all back on again.. now I’ve radically changed my diet and hardly touch wheat, dairy or sugar I’m the lightest I’ve been for 10 years. My how my life has changed… sometimes I cannot believe what a shift in my lifestyle I have made.. beginning with the booze and now the food.. I’m on an endless quest! And I’m so happy to be here. Cannot imagine what it would be like to be glug glug glugging all the time now like I used to. Yay to brave sober warriors!!! xxxx

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