Old birthday resentments

It’s my hubby’s birthday today which has got me reflecting on birthday’s of old.

High days and holidays were always a bit snarky for me.  We have this deal in our household where we share everything – cleaning the house, laundry, getting up with the kids – all split 50:50.  So on birthday week-ends we have the ‘do you want the lie-in on your birthday or the day after your birthday?’ conversation.  When we drank this was problematic as ideally you both wanted both lie-in’s on the days around your birthday – then you could really let rip with the excess, as too much booze meant staying up late and therefore an insufficient amount of rubbish sleep and need for a lie-in (however short).  But this wasn’t fair so whatever day you chose there was almost always a day that you had to get up with the kids with a monster hangover, ‘cos hell we drank on the eve of the day and on the day itself – why wouldn’t you?!  Those mornings I was grumpy with everyone – the kids for getting me up, my hubby for not letting me have both lie-ins (!) and myself for drinking too much.  Happy Birthday indeed!!

He had the lie-in this morning.  As for me – no resentments, no grumpiness, no problem getting up with the kids – even though I have a cold 🙂


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