Tough day

Been in training all day on the subject of drug and alcohol misuse …..

Left feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the problem we face in this country with regards to our boozing.  The professionals running it spoke of inter-generational issues – not just 2nd generation but 3rd and 4th.  85% of the population drink so no wonder when you stop you feel like such an outsider.

That sense of panic ironically made me want to drink which just re-enforced their facts about it being a chronically relapsing condition.  It’s just so bloody depressing 😦

So I ate chocolate.  At least that contains less calories than the 500-550 in a bottle of wine.  Even if I eat a whole 100g slab 😉


5 thoughts on “Tough day

  1. Don’t panic (although I totally know what you mean about the level of boozing being overwhelming) but the longer you move around the world sober the more you’ll notice how many people aren’t drinking heavily or much at all… It really surprised me

  2. Thanks Carrie & Mrs D – things seem not quite so overwhelming today. That’s the thing about study days – you immerse yourself in the topic and if it hits a nerve for your personally you can become too emotionally reactive to it.

  3. I don’t drink (just because I dislike the feeling of it). Neither does my partner (because he overdid it as a teenager and totally went off it). We do exist out there, us weird non drinking people.

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