Why was that?

So having thought about what kind of drinker I was I got to thinking about why that was?  I think it’s fair to say that alcohol has been a constant in my life always.  Both my parents drank, it was there every day and parties in our house were loud, alcohol fuelled and popular.  I grew up thinking drinking was ‘normal’.

When I was at college I hung out with the rugby club boys so again drinking was normal.  When I trained and worked as a nurse all the doctors and nurses I knew drank like I did.   When I worked in medical sales and marketing all the people I worked with drank like I did.  All my friends, both old and new, irrespective of which country, city or village I was living in drank like me.  My husband drank like I did.  The constant remained.

So I have to wonder whether I just happened to choose these environments and relationships to support the drinking or whether this is reflective of British society?  I don’t know the answer to that question and the only time that alcohol faded into the background was when I was pregnant and ofcourse now.

Day 45 and British society may continue to ride the booze train but this passenger has got off and couldn’t be happier 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why was that?

  1. Same with the upbringing and same with the work environment being boozy.. and same with the boozy society (NZ very similar to Britain, heavy drinking not frowned upon nor is binging).. but for me the longer I went not drinking the more I realised that I was a person who liked to avoid tough emotions, and drank to keep those at bay. So yes my life environment helped me be a boozer, but really it was my personality liking to always avoid and have things feeling ‘fun!’ upbeat! cruisy! glug glug glug. Loving your exploration and your positive attitude.. xxx

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