6 weeks ago today

I had my last hangover.  It was a monster as I was determined to make sure it was etched on my memory.

I read the Allen Carr book ‘Easy Way to Control Alcohol’ and he suggests you have your last drink at the end of it.  There was no way it was ever going to be one drink so I made it my last week-end of drinking.  I planned to make sure I had all my favourite alcoholic beverages.  On both the Friday and Saturday night I had a g&t to start, 1/2 a bottle of red and then a peach schnapps to finish.  My body was so used to alcohol that my tolerance was pretty high and that amount didn’t make me feel drunk.  It felt like I was just hitting my stride but I knew that it was more than enough to be classified as a binge and to give me a bad head.

As it was my last w/end of drinking and excess I also chuffed my way through 10 fags even though I gave up a year ago.  So I sat in my garden, on my own, and drank and smoked till it was all gone.  I didn’t feel p*ssed that night but felt rotten the next morning and that was how my life with alcohol had become.  That was why it was time to stop.

Fast forward to this morning.  Awoke early thinking about writing about alcohol not regretting what I had done under its influence the night before.  Sleep is so much better and for a girl who loves her sleep I can’t believe that I let alcohol spoil that favourite pastime.  I went for a 5k run and my time was a personal best as I am becoming fitter.  Despite replacing alcohol with chocolate in the first 4-6 weeks I’m losing weight with no effort on my part.  My eyes are clear, my thinking is sharp and I feel so much better.  We think alcohol adds to our life but actually it just robs us and I feel pretty stupid that it has taken me this long to figure it out.  25 years of kissing alcohol frogs when my prince was a herbal tea 🙂


One thought on “6 weeks ago today

  1. Congratulations on six weeks!!! At the end my drinking was also very joyless and determined and didn’t have the same uplifting ‘fun’ effect that I was chasing so crazily. It was deadening. But no longer! xx

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