Is it true?

Well I survived my first big birthday party with the only learn from the evening being not to drink 3 slimline tonics in quick succession as the quinine in it it will make you jittery!  One of my favourite tipples was a g&t so most people must have thought that that was what I was drinking and so very few questions were asked.  Had some lovely chocolate cake too 🙂

We left the club in Soho, central London at about 11pm and boy oh boy were the streets full of drinking casualties.  I don’t know if in my past I have ever been in this part of town at this time of night and not been in a similar state.  How sad is that but conversely last night was another personal first to add to the list! Oh and 6 weeks today 🙂

A comment in my last blog and the sober observations of the Friday night carnage got me thinking.  We think in the UK that we have a societal problem with alcohol worse than anywhere else, but is this true?  Does every country think they have the worst drinking problem?  The lovely Mrs D (thanks for the 2nd comment too) might be able to share the view from New Zealand, but if anyone else happens to read this and would like to share their experience from their corner of the world that would be great!  This isn’t a competition but I wonder if we all think that our countries problem is worse and unique when the reality is that this is a global epidemic not a national one?


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