Warming up

First things first, day 38.  Almost 6 weeks.  Not the first time I’ve gone this amount of time without alcohol.  I used to smoke and in the many attempts to quit would always stop drinking as the two were so closely associated in my head.  So every time I stopped smoking for the first 3 months I would stop drinking.  So my personal bests begin once I get beyond 90 days.  That’s part of the reason for doing Belle’s 100 day challenge 🙂

Another part of the desire to start this process was because I believed I wasn’t creative.  This belief came from not being allowed to do Art as one of my school exam options.  I was told I wasn’t good enough.  Ergo – I am not creative.  It was only many years later that I said this to a manager of mine who then complimented me on my creative problem solving skills.  Oh so maybe I was a bit creative after all.  So this blogging experience for me is about warming up and stretching my creative muscles to see just how true that statement still is.


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